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About Us

We are a tightly-knit crew of American Patriot Outdoor Adventurers. We love America, the Great American Outdoors, and American Values and Traditions. We believe that what we do should honor and support what we love.

Our Family

Most of us are family by blood; those who aren’t are family by choice. There’s this guy, who’s old as dirt but still mostly functional, who’s always made it possible for us to work and play together. He got our crazy family traditions started, and the rest of us have added to the mix.

We spend a lot time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and harassing each other…which means we’ve built the kinds of bonds that can only be made through shared adventures. It also means we’ve actually used every single thing we sell.

We understand that the things we love most are all possible because of the liberty we enjoy; we are free to work hard and play hard because of the people who have sacrificed to establish, support, and defend the U.S. Constitution, people like our own Grandpa Lyle. American Traditions and American Values exist because of the people who lived and died to create them. We believe we have the responsibility to do all that we can to continue what they started.



When You Buy Gear from Typical Retailers, Your Money Supports Things You Don’t Believe In.

Slavery, child labor, and inhumane working conditions don’t fit into American Ideals, but when you buy outdoor gear from typical retailers, your money pays people who believe that these things are acceptable. Uyghurs in China supply slave labor for 82 well-known global brands, and that’s only one example of slave labor that exists in our world. Child labor and inhuman working conditions in the Phillippines and elsewhere also pollute the reputations of companies that make and sell outdoor gear and apparel.

When You Buy Goods Made in Communist Countries, Your Money Supports Communism.


Let’s face it, most of the money that goes to pay for foreign labor doesn’t really go to foreign laborers. It goes to corrupt political officials and heads of state. It pays to uphold communist regimes and allows their ideology to continue to spread across the globe. Nothing is more contrary to American Values than communist regimes.

When You Buy from FHR, You Pay Fellow Americans and Uphold American Values and Ideals

When you buy from FHR, you buy All-American Made gear and apparel. All of your money, all the way down the supply chain, goes to hard-working Americans working for ethical American companies in standard American working conditions. Your money goes toward making the American Dream become a reality for your fellow Americans. You support honest business, Capatalism, and Liberty. And if the United States can stay strong, we can share our prosperity and help the suffering people around the world.

When You Buy From Typical Retailers, You Buy Typical Quality Gear.

These days most of what we buy is cheap, so we’ve gotten used to buying, tossing, and buying again. It’s just what we do. But, there’s a better way.

When You Buy from FHR, You Buy High-Quality Gear

If you’re not used to buying American made, it may seem expensive, but when you buy high-quality merchandise, you don’t have to replace it over and over again. That will save you a lot of money over time.


We’re Helping Keep the American Outdoor Tradition American-Made

We want you to have fun out there! We also want you to be able to sleep at night. We created FHR because we believe that you should have the gear you need without worrying about where your money is going. We don’t want what you pay for to compromise your values. FHR Outdoors offers you All-American Made outdoor gear that lets you Fish, Hunt, & Repeat with peace of mind. Plus, you’ll look good and feel comfortable while you do it!


Make a Change

Authentic, U.S. made Merchandise

Have you checked your tags lately? That’s not something we used to do, but when we realized that some of the money we spent on gear and apparel was paying people who believe there’s noting wrong with slave labor, sweat shops, and inhumane working conditions, we knew we had to make a change, not just for us, but for all American Patriot Outdoor Enthusiasts.

That’s why we started FHR. That’s why we’ve searched through all the U.S. made gear and apparel we could find, tried it all out in the field, eliminated what we couldn’t stand using, created what we couldn’t find, and made the highest quality, made exclusively in the United States merchandise available to you in our online store.

When you purchase gear and apparel from us, you can trust that it will stand up to the rigorous use we hope you’ll give it. You can also trust that, all the way down the supply chain, your hard earned dollars are going to people who believe in and support the same Traditional American Values you believe in.

Check Your Tags – Is Your Gear Made In America?

If not, that means that some of your money is going overseas to support things you don’t believe in. Communism, slavery, and sweat shops don’t fit into American Ideals, but that’s what your money ends up funding.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your values to get the gear you need for enjoying the American outdoors.

You deserve better.

Have Peace of Mind & Feel Confident using

All American-Made Outdoor Gear

Support American Heroes

We set aside a portion of every sale to help out our veterans and the families of fallen soldiers. Without them we couldn’t do what we do.

Replace Your Gear Less & Save More

U.S. made goods may seem expensive, but they aren’t. Here’s why: higher quality, American-made gear is going to last longer than the cheap imported junk. That means you won’t have to replace it as often, and you’ll save money in the long run.

Be Comfortable & Confident

This gear isn’t designed by a bunch of suits in an office–we’re just like you. We’re American Outdoor Patriots, and we know the gear you buy from us will still feel good even after you punish it all day in the field.

We Don’t Just Care About The American Outdoors.

We Care About You.

Just like you, we love America and enjoying the outdoors, but we don’t like having to search high and low to find gear that’s made in the USA. That’s why we have found, tested, and created the best quality US-made gear for hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors.

We know what it feels like to have your only options for gear made in sweat shops or slave camps overseas. It feels like selling out, like you have to compromise your values to get what you need. But you shouldn’t have to compromise your values or the quality of your gear.

We don’t want you to have to feel like that ever again